Proud partners of Hilko Cuisine

A while ago, we were contacted by Hilko from Hilko Cuisine to taste his products. Now we do love to taste new stuff so we arranged a meeting and after having a great talk about hotsauce, the chilli scene, music and some other stuff we got 3 samples of his brand new products.

Now Hilko is a great guy, and his products are just amazing! So after sampling them we decided to put them to the test in the kitchen. Resulting in a steak with Hotsalt Premier Cru, a steak tartare using Demon tears, and a pulled pork with Hilko’s Spicy Bbq Saus.

Impressed with the flavours of this products, we decided we have to get them in the shop! It is with great pleasure that we can announce that we are the Exclusive webshop for Hilko Cuisine, and we do ship worldwide!


We love to spice up your meal!

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