They have arrived! Straight from Haico’s Hotsauce in Canada, to The Chilli Shop EU Belgium. Now available in Europe! Limited edition only 100 made, only 34 available in our store! Grab them while you can!

Haico’s Harvest Hot Sauce: Pumpkin Pyro

Every year Haico from Haico’s Hotsauce (Ottawa, Canada) makes a very small batch of his Harvest hot sauce: the famous Pumpkin Pyro.

This well known limited edition is praised by reviewers, sought after by collectors and above all, a super delicious sauce enjoyed by hotsauce fans all over the world.

When the became available in Canada the first 60 bottles got sold out in days … however, before they got on the market, we bought the rest of it from our friend Haico to serve the European market!

And now they have arrived! Do not hesitate they will not last long!


We love to spice up your meal!

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