Yucatan habanero chilli peppers pods dehydrated


Originally from Yucatan, a Mexican region, the Habanero Yucatan hides outstanding flavors and taste behind its ferocious heat.

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This is the original hottest chilli from the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, which set the benchmark for Wilbur Scoville’s Heat Scale (SHU) as the uppermost level achieved at 250,000-350,000 shu.  We’ve gone way beyond this now of  course with some chili peppers reaching 2,000,000 shu but with the Habanero, you’re going to get a lovely ‘full mouth’ burn and a beautiful fruity, fragrant flavor.  Use in any salsas (the Mexicans eat them for breakfast) or to give your food some extra flavor and heat.  Also great in chocolate mousse!

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